A short film about Tim Mitchell and Vedic Meditation by Jakub Jahn (s českými titulky)

In walking about around Prague, film maker Jakub Jahn meets Tim  and learns about the technique of Vedic Meditation.

Interview with Michaela Cmíralová, for Vedomí magazine. (s českými titulky)

Tim answers the questions:

What lead you to your present path or direction?

What is the most important thing in life?

Do you think we are truly free (as humans)?

How do you try to influence consciousness of people in a positive way?

Do you believe in life after death ?

If you had one last day of life left what would you do?

Introductory Talks about Vedic Meditation.


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Four Short Talks by Tim Mitchell on Vedic Meditation

Meet Tim Mitchell and hear his personal experiences.


Tim Mitchell has sailed the oceans of the world. And ran a successful marine restoration business for 25 years.

Since 2005, he has devoted himself to teaching Vedic Meditation in the smaller places, around the world.

He has practiced it just about everywhere,  even during storms on the ocean.

It requires only a safe comfortable place to sit with closed eyes for twenty minutes

Even a new practitioner experiences a short profound sate of relaxation or rest.

Everyone thinks but "I can not quieten my mind". And that is true says Tim.

But the technique can! The technique works, not the practitioner.

Effortlessly by anyone and anywhere.



Vedic Meditation and its effect on stress.

Vedic Meditation consistently delivers a different state of Consciousness.

A fourth (4th) state  that is distinctly different from waking , dreaming or sleeping.

Each state has its own unique  way of physiological functioning (or signature).

This fourth (4th) state is one of restless alertness ie the body is deeply resting but the mind is alert.

This state is deeper than our deepest night sleep.

The quality of rest determines the amount of stress that is release. Only rest releases stress.

But what is stress?

It is response to a situation, not the situation itself. The 'fight or flight' response.

We want to enjoy life in the 'stay and play response'.

This ability comes from our access to rest deeply.


What is unique about Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation consistently delivers a unique state of mind and body.

It is not concentration - controlling the thinking or focus of the mind.

It is not creative imagination - thinking about something that is not  happening.

It is not contemplation- thinking about something bigger than ourselves.

Vedic Meditation takes us to a state beyond thefield of thinking.

It uses techiques from a five thousand year tradition of understanding from India.

These lead the practitioner in an easy natural and effortless way to a  quieter mind and profoundly relaxed body.

Vedic Meditation is a process, not yet another skill to master.

We do not get better at it with time. The experience of our lives gets better with time, as we practice it.

We learn it. We do it. We get the result.


Why is it useful in a modern busy life?

The quality or depth of our rest absolutely determines the quality of our activity.

We all instinctively know this.

Vedic Meditation consistently and reliably delivers that state of  profound rest.

We function better. We enjoy ourselves more.

Our health is better. Less heart disease. Lower blood pressure. Less hospital admissions. Less colds and flu. Less serious disease.

Our functioning is better. Less car accidents. Less arguments. Better grades at school.

Our relationships are better because we react less and response more.

If we are happier, our social environments are better.

We enjoy the challenges of life more, rather than feeling overwhelmed by them.

 Consider fitting this invaluable tool in the rhythm of your life.

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Introductory Talks about Vedic Meditation.



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Meet Tim Mitchell's teacher, friend and mentor Thom Knoles.

And his colleague Tim Brown, who co started Conscious Club.

Thom Knoles  speaks about the pursuit of happiness at the Conscious Club in Sydney Australia. in 2014.

Tim studied under Thom for twenty five (25) years and  he graduated Tim in the tradition of Vedic Meditation in 2005.

Thom is the most experienced teacher of Vedic Meditation outside of India, and a living exponent of Vedic Knowledge.

Here he explores locating the baseline of happiness, and the effects of Vedic Meditation on the mind and body.

This talk is about 30 minutes long

Tim Brown, a colleague of Tim Mitchell in Australia, gives an Introductory Talk on Vedic Meditation and why it is so relevant to modern life and its challenges.