It is NOT controlling the mind (concentration), imagining something that is not actually happening (imagination) or thinking about something bigger than ourselves.
It is about bringing a spontaneous deep relaxation to the body through easily accessing a quieter state of the mind and consciousness.

It is NOT a belief system, a breathing technique, self hypnosis, affirmations or another skill to have to learn.
It is an effortless mental practice that has an immediate calming effect on the metabolism that comes from a profound time tested understanding of the mind.

It is NOT difficult and does not take months or years of dedication and practice to experience the results and needs only a relatively small investment in time daily.
It is easy to learn when correctly and personally instructed. The teacher is completely responsible for you learning correctly. And the Course also gives an intellectual understanding of your experiences that leaves you self sufficient at its completion.

It does NOT need a change of hairstyle, diet or clothes, a special posture or place to sit. Its only  requirement is to be able to close the eyes safely for about 20 minutes, while sitting comfortably. It can be enjoyed anywhere, even on the metro or when flying or sitting in the park. Or even comfortably at home in your favourite chair!



IT WORKS means: the technique works, the student does not have to ‘make’ it work.

It works on these universal principles:
(universal means applicable to all people no matter regardless of culture, time or place)

- Mind and Body are intimately connected.
An agitated mind yields an agitated uncomfortable body. So also a quieter mind delivers a more relaxed, more responsive body.

- The Mind naturally moves towards that which is charming.
And quieter, more subtle styles of thinking, such as daydreaming are more enjoyable. Vedic Meditation is a technique that spontaneously moves the mind towards those quieter states  of thinking without skill or effort on our part.

- Rest dissolves the after effects of stress and increases our ability to adapt!
On those rare nights, in a modern life, when we do get enough sleep the next day is a better day, isn’t it? The in-tray is just as full, the traffic is just as bad, the mortgage is still due, the kids still need to get to school on time but these challenges do not overwhelm us-when we are well rested.

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Right after Meditation I feel very relaxed and full of energy. Unbelievable!- Marketa K'. (day2)

Have you noticed any indication of increasing efficiency in action?
At work, yes, i do not spend that much time procrastinating. - Karolina J' (day 3)
Yes, more efficient at work especially dealing with emails. Lukas Z' (day 3)
Yes, i am better at giving preferences (priorities) to things. Ivona I. (day 3)

Have you noticed and effects from morning meditation continue thru the day?
Yes. I was happy. Jarmila Z' (day 3)
Better mood, patient, calm. Lukas Z' (day3)
A bit more calm when conflicts arise. Beck A. (day 3)

Have you noticed any improvement in your relationship with others?

I was more patient with kids in the evening. Ivona I. (day 2)

Did you at momets feel some happiness/calmness within?

I still feel it and I am glad about it. Denistsa M. (day 1)

How do you feel today as compared to other days?
Better, Full of Energy. Nikola P' (day 1)
Calmer, things seems brighter and more positive. Julie R. (day 2)

Has anyone remarked upon any change in you?
Yes, joking, relaxing, easy decision making. Kamila C' (day 3)
My colleagues- more relaxed like after holidays. Nikola P' (day 3)
My boyfriend was impressed. Julie R (day 3)

Do you now feel that you understood how to meditate?

Yes, getting there, really feels easy. I like meditation, First experience of mine and I like it. Zdenka K (day 2)