Tim conducts Introductory Talks on a regular basis to give people an understanding of meditation and its application so they can make an informed decision about whether they would like to take up the practice.

Introductory Talks run for 60 - 90 minutes (1.5 hrs) and are free of charge and obligation.

They are translated as required. The topics covered are:

-  A deeper understanding of the mind and body and the effects of stress.
-  The relevance of meditation in modern-day living.
-  The technique itself, and why it is so effective, and easy to learn.
-  The benefits of practicing meditation.
-  The structure and requirements of the Course of Instruction.
-  An opportunity to ask questions. Tim loves questions. It is not based on faith.

After over ten years in Europe, I am now permanently in Australia...

Intro Talks are now offered regularly on the Mornington Peninsula on request, and on zoom for Melbourne.

They are free of cost or obligation.

I am happy to meet privately if that is more convenient. Please contact me to arrange a time and place that suits you.


Zoom IntroTalk: Tuesday 7.oo pm Tuesdays. Please email for detail

Contact Tim for the link:


The Structure of the Course.
The  Vedic Meditation Course runs over four sessions on four consecutive days.
The first session includes private instruction in your personally suited technique. (1.25 hours)
The follow-up sessions are on consecutive days for 1.5 hours

I am now teaching on the Mornington Peninsula and Fitzroy.

Please contact me with your interest and join my email list to stay informed.




22nd-25th July

1st Aug-4th Aug

4th-7th August
0407 275 712

Please send me all the details


27th Jul- 30th July


22nd-25th Aug (TBC)


Direct all inquiries in Prague to my colleague Tereza Bohmova, who I personally trained.

No one knows my thought better than herself and she has the blessing of my teacher the famous Thom Knoles, the inspiration of the worldwide Vedic Meditation movement.

 leassend me all the detail


The Course Contribution is in the time-honoured way of this Tradition. In ancient days you would travel to the Himalayas and then find a teacher and work in their fields or kitchen for a week or more to express the strength of your desire to learn. In this same way today it is on a sliding scale based on your weekly income. In this way, it has equal relative value to all.

Please learn more of this at the free Introductory Talk.

He requests a minimum contribution that is appropriate to each country where he is invited. In the end, it is up to the course participant to give as they feel they can and is appropriate to their expectations and circumstances.

If there are financial difficulties please speak privately to us at the Intro Talk. Everyone who sincerely wants to learn will learn whatever their circumstances are.

Please send me all the details