A Lighthouse shines steadily through the night, through storms and lightening. Modern life is like a storm and Vedic Meditation shows us the light within to steer by and more importantly gives the body the Deep Rest to keep coming upright, to balance, to an even keel, in the changing waves of daily life.


Reliable means ‘no matter how I am feeling  or where I am’ at the time.

Access means that it is easily available.

Profound means something that is deeper than what I normally have access to.

Rest means to lower the metabolism from my present state.

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Vedic Meditation is a mental technique, which is simple and easy to learn, when correctly instructed.

It is practiced while sitting quietly anywhere you can safely close your eyes for 20 minutes.

The benefits are felt by everyone immediately, within the few days of the Course.

And Vedic Meditation can be done by ANYONE and ANYWHERE.

Quite simply, Vedic Meditation works ....


Because STRESS is the ‘thief in the night’ the unseen effect that robs us of our energy, our enthusiasm and our ability to fulfill our desires.


And only REST dissolves the effects of STRESS.
Not that extra drink, not the action movie, not strong physical exercise.
They make us feel good in the short term, but do not neutralize its effects.


Do you remember the effect of really good night sleep?
Was not the next day better even though the demands were the same?


Vedic Meditation: gain reliable access to profound rest.


Vedic Meditation will spontaneously calm the mind and body from the agitation of stress and fatigue.


People from all walks of life and all ages enjoy the immediate and long ranging benefits that include:

  • Reduced tension and anxiety

  • Increased resistance to stress

  • Improved memory and concentration

  • Better learning ability

  • Increased energy

  • Improved health

  • Reduced insomnia

  • Greater ability to enjoy life

  • Increased self esteem

  • Improved relationships

  • Reduction of biological ageing

 More about Vedic Meditation

The Tradition of Vedic Meditation

The Vedic Meditation technique has its origins in the ancient Vedic Tradition of India. It has been practiced for thousands of years and its integrity has been maintained through an unbroken oral lineage, from teacher to student, since that time. However its application is universal, in the same way that Einstein’s insights into reality with his Theory of Relativity is not only true for Germans.

The technique is specifically designed for “householders” – that is, for people who do not live monastic lives, who are engaged in the challenges and joys of living. This is an important point. There are many practices ‘in the market place’ that are in fact designed for reclusives and so are not suited to us and our lifestyle. This distinction is not well understood.

About Tim:   The most experienced teacher of Vedic Meditation in Europe.

With a lifelong spirit of adventure, a passion for the ocean and sailing, a delight especially in timber boats, a generous heart and thirst for knowledge, Tim has a deeply rich experience of life. Vedic Meditation gradually wove itself into Tim’s life over 40 years ago, after learning the technique at 18 years of age. Tim met Thom Knoles, www.thomknoles.com, the most experienced teacher of Vedic Meditation in the world (outside of India) in the late 1980’s and has maintained a close relationship with him since that time. Thom’s fresh, modern and profound insight into the ancient texts balanced Tim’s deepening meditation experiences. Tim graduated in Rishikesh, India in 2005 to be an Initiator of Vedic Meditation,  with Thom requesting that he devote himself full time to sharing it with others.

Tim is credited in several other areas of Vedic Knowledge apart from Meditation. He holds Diplomas in Svastha Yoga (A.G.Mohan), Dynamic Yoga (Godfri Deveaux) and as an Ayurvedic Consultant (Australia) as well as  many certificates of study  (including with Dr Sunil Joshi) in India and Australia totalling more than 500 hours. For the last 20 years he has been conducting Ayurvedic Seminars throughout Australia and in the last 7 years around the world. He is known for his practical, simple yet profound style of presentations, based on his long experience, both as a meditator and from his life experience.
Now an established teacher of Vedic Meditation in Australia and Europe, Tim is bringing the Technique to people who live in smaller regional areas and countries - to bring this great Knowledge ‘to where it is not’. He teaches already in Prague Czech Republic, Tallinn Estonia, Switzerland, France and the U.K.

As of Febuary 2017, Tim is now based in Melbourne Australia, his home city, and teaches on the Mornington Peninsula (Somers) and in Fitzroy. He still returns annually to Europe to teach.

He will happily bring this great technique to anywhere where there is interest to love life more fully, more richly. If you have a group interested Tim travels to where you are. He also conducts in-house Courses for Companies.

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